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Cannibal Ox Selected Rarities And B-Sides (2011)

01. Cosmos (Cannibal Ox & Rob Swift, Cosmos 12?)
02. Atoms All-Stars (Atoms Family, The Prequel)
03. Swing Blades (Jean Grae, Hater’s Anthem 12”)
04. Mecca & The Ox (Vast Aire, Deuces Wild)
05. Not For Promotional Use (Atoms Family, The Prequel)
06. Cold Vein -Cold Cryptic Remix (Cannibal Ox, Return of the Ox: Live @ CMJs)
07. Classic Freestyle #1
08. Metal Gear (Cannibal Ox, F-Word EP)
09. Cannibal JFK (Vordul Mega, Yung World)
10. Handle That (Vordul Mega, The Revolution of Yung Havoks)
11. Bloodsport (Mighty Joseph, Empire State)
12. Life’s Ill (Cannibal Ox, F-Word EP)
13. Classic Freestyle # 2
14. Brothaz remix (Mr. Lif & Cannibal Ox, Various Artists, Definitive Swim)
15. From The Planet of Eat (Cannibal Ox, Return of the Ox: Live @ CMJs)
16. F-Word (RJD2 Remix) (Def Jux Bucket of B-Sides)
17. Carry On (C Rayz Walz ft. Karniege, Quan Grimy, Cannibal Ox, Glorian Light,Walz)
18. In The Mirror (Vordul Mega ft. Vast Aire, Megagraphitti)
19. AK-47 (Vordul Mega, Megagraphitti)
20. Angels and Insects (ft. Kasm) – (Angels and Insects compilation)

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