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Psycho + Logical - Records Presents - Metal Hip-Hop (No Oficial) descarga

01.-Necro - The pre-fix for death feat. away
02.-Goretex - Blessed are the sick featt.necro
03.-The Circle of Tyrants - The crazies ('86 metal mix)
04.-Non Phixion - The C.I.A. is still trying to kill me
05.-Ill Bill - Chasing the Dragon (moshpit mix) feat. necro
06.-The Circle of Tyrants - Necrotura feat. igor cavalera, alex, sko
07.-Goretex - Eulogy featt. sexy saddie
08.-Sabac Red - A change gon come (militant metal mix) feat. antwo
09.-Necro - Empowered feat: sid wilson, trevor, peres, john tardy awa
10.-Necro - Push it to the limit feat. jamey jasta
11.-Necro - Insaneology feat. sean martin ,john tardy & dan lilker
12.-The Circle of Tyrants - The ultimate revenge feat. vinny appic
13.-Necro - Watch your back feat. danny diablo
14.-Necro - Push it to the limit (ny hxc mix) feat. jamey jasta


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