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Mr. Hyde - If It Bleeds We Can Kill It (2012)

El Leal compañero de Necro y su ultimo trabajo a continuación..

01. The Kid Joe Intro
02. The Beastman Comete
03. The Torture Chamber (Feat Necro, Guttzilla Of Superpower, UG Of Cella Dwellas & Multiple Blastoff)
04. Catenaaaasty!
05. Fugitive (Feat. Exlib)
06. Serpents (Feat. Karine Of Eye Ra Haze & DBruiser)
07. Suck On My Linkage
08. If It Bleeds We Can Kill It (Feat. Multiple Blastoff)
09. Vampire (Feat. Sinead O’ Conner)
10. Your Face Is For The Breakin’ (Feat. Q-Unique & Jise One Of Arsonists)
11. The Sledge
12. Bring Out Your Dead (Feat. Mike MMA & Karine Of Eye Ra Haze)
13. Hellbound
14. The Kid Joe Outro


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