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Reel Wolf Presents: The Underworld (2013)

01.-Louie Rankin - Introduction To Hell
02.-VA - The Underworld
03.-J Reno Bizzy Bone and Virtuoso - Sick In The Mout (Reprise)
04.-Machild Trash Gordon and Kuniva - Fuck Love Twice
05.-So Sick Social Club and Sid - Planning A Murder
06.-Danny Diablo Swifty Mcvay Diabolic and Sean Strange - The Wrath
07.-Final Trigger Swann and Psych Ward - Everyday (Reprise)
08.-William Cooper Adlib King Magnetic Klee Magor Sicknature and Jah Youth - Ghosted
09.-So Sick Social Club Kung Fu Vampire Hopsin and Dead Celebrity Status - More Flickering
10.-VA - T.H.C
11.-Psych Ward Bizarre and Insane Poetry - Us Vs The (Reprise)
12.-Ill Bill Sabac Red Celph Titled So Sick Social Club and Ironic - Walk Away
13.-VA - The Underworld (Cold North Remix)
14.-VA - The Underworld (Goon Musick Remix)
15.-VA - The Underworld (Hell Trap Remix)
16.-VA - The Underworld (Slime Remix)

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