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REEL WOLF Presents - The Underworld 2 - [FULL ALBUM] 2016 audio

1. WELCOME TO THE ABYSS (Intro) Feat. Louie Rankin & DJ XL (Produced by Sentury Status)
2. THE UNDERWORLD 2 Feat. Havoc, Kid Fade, Johnny Richter, Kool G Rap, Chino XL, Slaine, Necro, Ruste Juxx, Kuniva, Sabac Red, Ill Bill, Sean Price & DJ Illegal (Produced by Sentury Status)
3. GUTTER BLUES Feat. Q-Unique & Prevail (Produced by Sentury Status)
4. WEAPONS OF WIZARDRY Feat. Blacastan, Klee Magor, Megadon & DJ Chino (Produced by Graph Wize)
5. SHOTGUN SYMPHONY Feat. Suspect, Seen B, Adlib & Rite Hook (Produced by Sentury Status)
6. GRIM REEFER Feat. Bizarre, Potluck, Merkules, Shallow Pockets, ODoub & ILL Bill (Produced by Sentury Status)
7. SORCERERS OF GORE Feat. Swann, Gamble the Greedy Grin & Dominant Species (Produced by Voodoo Drew)
8. HAIL THE VILLAINS Feat. Psych Ward, Mr Hyde, SID & Necro (Produced by Snowgoons)
9. DEPRESSION Feat. Sean Strange, Mersinary, Goretex (a.k.a Gore Elohim) & Lucy Lovesick (Produced by Sentury Status)
10. VISIONS OF APOCALYPSE Feat. J Reno & J.O. The Last Man (Produced by J Nyce)
11. PSYCHODELIX Feat. Brad Shank, Kid Fade & Seen B (Produced by Veeko Caine)
12. GODS & GLADIATORS Feat. Ironic, Kool G Rap, Swifty McVay & DJ Eclipse (Produced by Snowgoons)
13. LUCYPHER Feat. Fredro Starr, Ghettosocks, Sars, Kid Fade, Sean Strange, Swifty McVay and DJ TMB (Produced by Baykan Barlas)
14. CITY OF NIGHTMARES Feat. ODoub, Swann, Trash Gordon & Ironic (Produced by J Nyce)
15. BLOODBATH Feat. Seen B, Mersinary & Veeko Caine (Produced by Veeko Caine)
16. COLD NORTH KILLAZ Feat. J Reno, Aspects, Charlie Fettah, J Nyce, M.O. Littles, Neph, Raw B Snatch & Suspect (Produced by Sentury Status)
17. LEGACY Feat. ILL Bill, Sean Strange & Salome (Produced by Large Professor)
18. DEMONS Feat. J Reno, Ironic, Resin & DJ XL (Produced by J Nyce)
19. THE UNDERWORLD 2 (METAL REMIX) Feat. Mark Morton & Sid Wilson (Produced by Mark Morton)
20. A FUNERAL FAREWELL (Outro) Feat. Louie Rankin (Produced by J Nyce)
21. CAN’T ESCAPE Feat. Sean Strange, Raw B Snatch, Sentury Status & Swifty McVay (Produced by Sentury Status)
22. SINISTER TENDENCIES Feat. Resin & Mersinary (Produced by J Nyce)
23. VERTIGO Feat. Lord Lhus, Vision, Shallow Pockets & Suspect (Produced by Sentury Status)
24. PARTY TO DEATH Feat. Marmel Entertainment (Produced by Sentury Status)
25. THE UNDERWORLD 2 METAL REMIX (ALTERNATE DRUM VERSION) Feat. Mark Morton, Sid Wilson & Jimmy Bain (Produced by Mark Morton)

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